I forgot my passcode! What can I do?

  1. Keep trying different passcodes.
  2. If you are able to access the app with Face ID, you can turn off the Passcode in Settings.
  3. As a last resort, you can delete the app and re-download it. BE SURE your posts are backed up to iCloud before doing this. If your posts are not backed up, they will be lost forever.

How do I make sure my posts are backed up?

  1. Make sure you have iCloud enabled by following Apple's directions.
  2. Make sure Afterthough is turned on in your iCloud settings (see above).
  3. Open Afterthought, preferrably while on Wifi, and wait a few minutes for your posts to be backed up.


I'd love to hear your feedback for making Afterthought even better!

I try to read every message, but as a solo developer with a family and a day job outside of this, I can't promise to always respond. Thanks for understanding.

- Brett